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Just a quick email to thank you and your team for a job well done. We are extremely pleased with the final result. A very professional job was achieved with relatively short notice and a minimum of fuss. We appreciate the way you and your team were able to respond quickly and work with (and around) us to get the job done, and without causing any major disruption to our business.

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Warehouse Pallet Racking is our most popular storage system and is the ideal solution for Sydney warehouses where it is necessary to keep a wide variety of items on pallets. It provides direct access to all pallets for 100% accessibility and regular stock rotation. Pallets can be located, accessed and moved individually providing rapid handling. Selective Pallet Racking provides easy beam adjustment and so can accommodate a wide range of pallet heights. This system is highly flexible and can be adjusted to suit a wide variety of storage options.

Lower level pallets can be located on the floor for picking purposes, which reduces facility costs. Alternatively additional shelving beams can be added for lower level picking.

Our Selective Pallet Racking is infinitely adjustable and offers a wide range of options and components to accommodate specialized load types.

( Selective Pallet Racking )

( Selective Pallet Racking for 2,000 pallets )

Advantages of Selective Pallet Racking:

  • Individual access to pallets to full height of warehouse.
  • Stock rotation is easily achieved.
  • Easy beam adjustment accommodates a variety of pallet heights.


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