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The pallet racking and shelving system is designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and Australian Standards AS4084-12, and also complies with SEMA and FEM standards.


Our pallet racking is designed so that the uprights bear the full load of the racking system. The transfer of rack loads from the beams through the uprights is therefore critical to overall strength, safety and performance.

Uprights are designed to carry the rack load on the front face without twisting, distorting or stressing the metal.

Uniquely, the profile of the slots transfers the load vertically down through the upright and allows the beams to connect without being wedged in so that the side loads are not imposed on the upright by the beam end connector.

Uprights have a significantly deeper flange than other conventional racking systems, providing greater overall strength, rigidity and a far greater resistance to lateral impact damage.


Below are our frame specifications, which are designed and engineered for superior strength and rigidity.

Type of upright Width Depth Thickness All units in mm
SPL U 90-18 90 70 1.8  
SPL U 90-20 90 70 2.0  
SPL U 105-18 105 70 1.8  
SPL U 105-20 105 70 2.0  
SPL U 105-25 105 70 2.5  
SPL U 120-20 120 70 2.0  
SPL U 120-25 120 70 2.5  
SPL U 120-30 120 70 3.0  


Box Beam

The Box Beam is our most popular and is also the strongest support beam system available. Box Beams are available in a comprehensive range to cover most load requirement and are engineered for maximum strength. Beam section height ranges from 80mm € 160mm

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We no longer use I-Beams as our engineered Box and Step beams provide far superior strength and rigidity (up to 25%) to comply with Australian Standards.

Type of beam Height Width Thickness Hookers All units in mm
SPL B 80-15 80 45/50 1.5 3  
SPL B 90-15 90 45/50 1.5 3  
SPL B 100-15 100 45/50 1.5 3/4  
SPL B 110-15 110 45/50 1.5 4  
SPL B 120-15 120 45/50 1.5 4  
SPL B 130-15 130 45/50 1.5 4  
SPL B 140-15 140 45/50 1.5 4  
SPL B 150-15 150 50 1.5 4  
SPL B 160-15 160 50 1.5 4  
SPL B 160-18 160 50 1.8 4  
SPL B 160-20 160 50 2.0 4  

Step Beam

The Step Beam is a medium strength support beam system and allows the shelf to be countersunk to provide a more durable front edge to the racking. Step Beams are available in a comprehensive range to cover most load requirements and are engineered for maximum strength. Beam section height ranges from 60mm € 110mm.


Our standard colours are sky blue uprights and frames, and safety orange for the beams; however a range of colours is available for special orders as below. The finish is a premium quality lead free epoxy polyester paint finish and uniquely, we also polymerize at 180€C to give our products a tougher, hardened finish.


Baseplates are fitted to every upright and provides the fixing to the concrete floor. Our Baseplates are specially designed to spread the load more evenly over the floor area and are integral to the overall design. They also provide a means of levelling the upright in situations where the floor is uneven.

There are six common Baseplates which are used in varying situations and aligning the right plate with the racking is critical. Our engineers will specify the correct Baseplate for the individual job and these will be supplied with the racking. Our install crews are highly trained and understand the various install options available to ensure the racking is installed correctly.


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